Thursday, July 19, 2007

End of the internet?

Check this out - yes, the end of the internet. Just try to imagine teaching with using the internet ... nope, can't do it. For better or worse, it's my window to the universe of teaching materials. I do use other windows, like books, personal experiences and relationships, imagination, pop culture media, etc.

I get the point, seriously. I just lived through 70 hours without my computer (got a tune-up at the Apple shop), which felt terrible even though the iPhone was plenty handy. Summer should be a good little break. So I read a little from Off the Beaten Path: Stories of Place. And sorted my shoes in preparation for moving to a much smaller living space in a few weeks. And listened to the rain.

Now I have to make up for lost time, my good little computer...

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Jayme said...

Did you say you had an iphone? How do you like it? I want one so bad, but I'm from Alaska, so we haven't gotten them yet. Hopefully in time for Christmas though!