Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Mania!

I prepaid for Book 7 weeks ago at my local bookstore, Talking Leaves. That's when I heard about a party at the bookstore starting at 11:30pm, July 20. I think that means some people will come in the store and hang out till midnight, then leave with their new books. Cool. It's on my calendar and I've told friends and family I would attend, but come Friday 10pm I'm in pj's already. Should I go? Sure. I show up at 11:55 and cannot believe there is a LINE. I can say the line wrapped around the corner, but the store is near the corner, so it's really not that many people in line, but I'm flabbergasted. Then I'm annoyed that I didn't know better. I stand across the street for 2 minutes, gawking and thinking, should I stay? OKAY. Standing in line turns out to be fun as we all laugh about the line and being in it. For 20 minutes or so, we look at the few costumed children and adults, enjoy the mild summer night, a strange mingling of Harry Potter fans and college bar patrons at this busy intersection. The line moves along and by the time I am inside, I find the prepaid line to be much shorter and faster - hurray! By 12:30am, I am driving home and begin reading immediately. 5 hours and 454 pages later, I go to bed to sleep for 5 hours. I don't resume reading until the afternoon, and by around 9pm I am done! At that point, I feel somewhat confused by the story, but I'm unable to use the internet to find any online discussion or guidance until I'm back home Sunday evening. I try re-reading some parts, then I am back to the online community of HP fans, such as I also enjoyed J.K. Rowling's web site.

I never cease to be amazed and ponder the miracle that is Harry Potter. Fantasy genre is an acquired taste, so some people never take to it. But HP really brought fantasy readers out into the spotlight!

Sorry about my inability to place these photos in the right spots. The top pic is the front of the store as I am about to enter. The middle pic is the line behind me, and the bottom pic is the scene inside the store.

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