Monday, July 23, 2007

Puzzling Harry Potter Problems

*** SPOILERS ***

#1 - Harry growing up clueless and abused at Dursley home - I'm reminded of this by a comment on "blog of note" caffeinatedlibrarian

A) Why did he have to stay there for 10 years with no clue about his identity and family history? I may just need to re-read the first few books, as I recall vaguely some explanation of the protection that Dursley home provided, they being his only (?) blood relatives.
B) Why was he abused so badly for 10 years?! How could Dumbledore not know that was happening??? Again, pardon my ignorance and forgetfulness if this was already explained in earlier books.
C) Regardless of the justifications, it's a MIRACLE that Harry has a strong moral center - kind, generous, compassionate, loyal, etc. Granted, being orphaned and abused led to a host of problems - he doesn't trust adults or anyone in general, he's stubborn, rebellious, impatient, lack self-confidence, etc. In real life, I expect to see more psychological and behavioral issues.

That's all for now :) I'll update as I continue to read/think/discuss.

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