Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer dream

Last night's dream ... I am teaching unruly group of former students. It's good to wake up from those dreams! Of course, just yesterday I bought gorgeous special edition of Life magazine, "America the Beautiful - 100 place to see in your lifetime" and want to use for teaching. I always say that kids can't see the world beyond their neighborhoods, but they need to "see" more to read better. I've been to 8 of the 100 places - is that good or bad? 7 were in "the old country - Atlantic to Mississippi", 1 in "Westward, Ho - Pacific" (hurray San Juan Islands!)

Also received from swapper, Joyful Noise - Poems for Two Voices, by Paul Fleischman (Newberry medal winner).

Monday, 3 days ago, I went to school to pick up papers (labeled envelopes to mail, at my expense, student letters to themselves and student memoir writings that I didn't find till after school year ended, and contract for March 2008 field trip to see "Cinderella" ballet) and saw 2 coworkers deep in curriculum work. I should blame my dream on them.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! If only you knew what we were *really* talking about... ;-)