Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Which HP character are YOU?

Just for fun, folks! Here is the HP Character Compatibility Test (thanks to blogger Louisiana Swamp Rat), in case you like taking a 112 question personality survey (like I do).

My results (plus my own comments)

Harry Potter Character Combatibility Test

You scored as a Neville Longbottom (I wouldn't have guessed this in a million years. Seriously!)

You are Neville Longbottom. You come across as shy, quiet, and reserved. Underneath, you are deeply caring of your friends and/or family and would put yourself at risk to defend them, even though you would usually exclude yourself from arguments. You don't care much for competition or glory. Maintaining peace and justice are much more important to you.

Neville Longbottom 66%
Albus Dumbledore 63%
Hermione Granger 63%
Harry Potter 59%
Luna Lovegood 53%
Sirius Black 47% (I wish I could be daring like him!)
Percy Weasley 47%
Severus Snape 41%
Remus Lupin 38%
Lord Voldemort 34% (Would anyone publicly admit compatibility with THIS character?)
Oliver Wood 34%
Draco Malfoy 28%
Ron Weasley
Bellatrix Lestrange 25%


Jayme said...

I went and took the test, I am most like Oliver Wood, but we have got some others in common. Dumbledore being 2nd. Harry and Luna both up there on the list. Well thanks for introducing me to that quiz. It was fun.

zeldadg said...

Love the quiz. My daughter will too. Thanks for putting it up.

Tricia A.K.A Remus Lupin with a dash of Luna Lovegood.

yh said...

Wow.. another Lupin! :) Tee hee! The sad part is that I'm also 53% Voldy too.. *cry*