Sunday, September 23, 2007


Onomatopoeia - best literary device of the English language, in my opinion. (I like it better than irony, whose definition I believed I had mastered, as in "saying the opposite of what you mean" or "the opposite of what is expected", until I saw movie "Becoming Jane", which provides the lovelier explanation of "the bringing together of contradictions in pursuit of a deeper truth, all to the accompaniment of a smile". Which definition should I teach to 7th graders? Both? This all points to the fact that I am well suited to the level that I teach, thanks much.)

My nose is an open faucet. That's NOT figurative, but literal. I am contemplating calling in sick Monday, but only faintly so. The second Monday of the school year seems a bit ... early? for a sick day, especially when I didn't leave school Friday with visible symptoms. Monday is library day, book talks by librarian, hurray. Tuesday would be better as a sick day; I would have exhibited sufficient sickliness to elicit compassionate comments from colleagues (Go Home!). Tuesday would be our 2nd day at the library, starting Favorite Poem assignment - so not the best sick day, but not too bad, either.

I already tried going to sleep an hour ago. That yielded powerful sinus congestion and ear pain. I don't feel sleepy or even tired. I THOUGHT I swallowed the antihistamine/decongestant pill - maybe I imagined it and didn't really do it?!

Drippy nose not accompanied by tiredness or other ill feelings wouldn't be so bad ... except, bloody nose lurks behind every blow. That's just too icky.

If this post has been too much information for you, you're in luck, because bloody nose says I'm done.


Anonymous said...

I always feel strange about calling in sick, too. I hope you feel better!

Lynn said...

I once used to feel strange/scared callin in sick (I had a WEIRD boss with superpowers who thought we'd create sickness - SUPER weird).

Get well fast!

Orchid in the Bronx said...

Poor baby. Get better, it will only drag out if you keep pushing it, right? Glad to hear you like G.'s teacher. Re: your comment on OITB (Orchid in the Bronx), being sick is probably one of the loneliest experiences ever, i.e. it drives home the point of aloneness pretty acutely (when you are, in fact, alone). Shows us our limits, too. And in your case hopefully your blessings. Have you ever seen THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS? Great indie film, not cheery, but the most real-to-life 45-minute scene of a family coping with the flu (everyone has it!).

jenamoured said...

One thing-- I always feel much better if I drink a warm cup of earl grey or celestial seasoning's tension tamer blend, lay in bed with all the covers and pillows around me, fully covered, and watch a movie. Really, it just helps. Also, sudafed.

Anyway, life is going along this year. My rowdy/tough class is settling down, but I'm constantly having that nagging question of 'is my instruction effective and are they really learning?' I guess I find out in the assessments, but I wish they just had a learn-o-meter above their heads.

Also, I realized that sixth graders really need to be taught everything-- how to manager a binder, a backpack, when to ask questions, when to ask to go to the bathroom, how to work with partners... Some of this should be reviewed and taught every year (working in groups and with partners), but some of it.. I just take for granted.

roller coaster teacher said...


Update - I went to bed right after this post, awful head pressure, took another antihistam./decong., and almost immediately felt like my head was being sucked dry. Went to sleep, woke up a few times. Went to work - thankfully librarian did presentations all day (poor lady - she's sick, too). I felt ok, just tired, had a few minor nosebleeds. I'm pretty sure I can make it in tomorrow. Open House Thursday night and there is LOTS to do.

Someone reminded me today to pop those Vitamin C pills.

Jen - my former teaching partners (of past 4 years, sniff) were moved to 6th grade this year - and that's EXACTLY what they said about 6th graders!!!

WendyB said...

I've always got sinus problems so I totally empathize!

Teacher -n- Training said...

Hope you are feeling better by now - you can go to a Rite Aid or Wal-Mart and get some bath salts for sinus problems - they are AWESOME! I can't remember the name of them, but they are a kinda of red and white. Put those in your bath water, soak a rag in it, lay it over your face and just relax. I usually have my candles lit and Beethoven going - works everytime!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better now! Having a cold is bad enough already, but teaching with a cold is the worst. TnT's post makes me sad for not having a bath tub... :-(