Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school, 4am

I tried, I truly did, to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I shut the computer down at 11:20pm and climbed into bed. I didn't fall asleep right away, my mind was full of get-ready-stuff, but I practiced deep breathing and fell asleep. Till 2:38am. I've been awake since.

First, I thought about G's after-school bus drop-off. Although I completed paperwork last week at transportation office for bus to drop-off next door (literally, 10 paces between our 2 driveways) along with neighbor's kid so neighbor can babysit, I realize I have not properly arranged back-up system. Thus, note to self to talk to husband before 6:30am when I have to leave for work, leave note about bus drop-off for my in-laws (whose house we live in, and with whom we live), check in-laws' calendar on kitchen table to see if father-in-law might be home during bus drop-off time (because if he's not home, I need double-back-up system to help mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's to not be confused or fret about why she (MIL) is not babysitting G), call either husband or FIL sometime during the morning to confirm the above. I also realize that tonight is G's first gymnastics class, for which I registered but most embarrassingly dropped the check for registration fee in wrong mail slot (in the right building) and then asked the clerk who is only in the office 9am to noon weekdays to find the check, so another note to self to call and remind that clerk between 9 and noon to double-check the check.

Since my brain is multitasking so well at this point, I proceed to think about my own students and school, and the first thing that I need to do when I arrive, which is make seating chart and labels for desks and corresponding popsicle sticks if I can find them or just cut-up index cards otherwise. It then occurs to me that I clearly need to get up earlier than planned, not only because my work commute is now 45 minutes on a good traffic day compared to 25 minutes before we moved, but because of above-mentioned seating chart tasks, among the other to-do items I wrote in my planner before going to bed last night.

Well, my brain multitasks to the obvious point that there's not much chance of me squeezing in a few more respectable night-before-school-starts sleep hours in addition to the 3 hours I already clocked in. Especially when I'm clearly wide awake and remember the zombie-like, sleep-deprived state of mind of previous first-days-of-school when I woke up too early or slept too late or both.

So, Happy First Day of School to Me and Other Teachers, Hurrah!


awomansblog said...

I don’t know what time zone you’re in but you can know that many a morning, I am up with you walking about the condo trying to sort out all that I may have forgotten to do or all that I may have tried to disregard (put on the bottom of the priority list).

I’ve come to a place though where sometimes decide these early morning wake-up-calls are not a call from the goddesses or my favorite inspired muse; sometimes I just tell the night-wake entity to Shut Up!

But on the foundational points in your post, I want to wish you all the best in your new year. Diligent teachers are so very important and conscientious mothering is essential. I hope you have a wonderful year and I’m sure, considering your philosophies and your dedication, your children are all blessed.

yh said...

Hope everything worked out... and you found popsicle sticks.

roller coaster teacher said...


Popsicle sticks too complicated - I just assigned seats sort of randomly, just to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hihi, I already wondered how you could leave a message at my blog in the middle of the night! I had quite some sleepless nights last year, and in the end they always helped me in being either more strict or more creative and inspiring. Strange!

sexy said...