Monday, October 22, 2007

great expectations

Poetry Cafe this Friday. My students will read their poetry, serve and enjoy refreshments with parents who attend. I invited my building principal a few weeks ago, and he suggested that I invite the district superintendent, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and the curriculum coordinator. So I did, and the first 2 of those 3 said they plan to attend. So yikes. Then today I invited the district PR administrator to attend and bring her camera, just in case she wants to snap some pics for the district newsletter.

This week, students compile their poetry into booklets, complete with colorful cover page and letter of introduction. I instruct "how to read poetry with expression" - using the Favorite Poem Project poetry readings. Students will practice with partners, then use a microphone and podium during the event - my new brainstorm this year!

So I'm anxious, excited, hope I don't forget anything important. The students usually are on their best behavior. I'm the nervous wreck!


WendyB said...

Good luck!

Lynn said...

Hey all the best! Oh and have fun!