Friday, October 12, 2007

latest greatest

... book - Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. Positively can't-put-down (except for the next item). Picoult truly has a knack for creating characters that I love and stories that I don't want to love but I can't stop reading. For instance, as mom of 6 year old, I don't want to hear stories about 4 year old kidnapped girls. This story starts from the adult life of this woman who was kidnapped at age 4, and the mysteries of how and why and now what draw me in.

... cyber-obsession - Facebook. I know, it's true.

... song - "The Story" by Brandi Carlile - I've been listening to it over and over again on my work commute all week. After the first few days, I printed the lyrics and read/sang-along (while driving 70 mph - how's that compared to talking on mobile phone?) till I know it by heart now. Since I'm in the middle of teaching a poetry unit, I keep thinking, "GREAT examples of alliteration! simile! metaphor!" ("I crossed all the lines and broke all the rules / Baby I broke them all for you / And even when I was flat broke / You made me feel like a million bucks") I love this central idea: "All of these lines across my face / Tell you the story of who I am / So many stories of where I've been / And how I got to where I am." Sorry - words alone aren't enough - you have to listen to the song. And maybe watch Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, or at least the music video for this song.

... poetry lesson - this week, write a poem describing an emotion, using similes and the five senses. Example (adapted from a student's poem):

Fear looks like a pitch black graveyard
It sounds like children screaming and crying
It tastes like bad candy from trick or treating
It smells like smoke from a haunted house
Fear feels like a hairy spider crawling down your back.



jenamoured said...

milkweed by jerry spinelli. read it!

ps- rct, which grade do you teach? 7th?

Anonymous said...

Late happy birthday! Seems like you had a great day. Thanks for posting your favorites, I always like these kinds of posts. Like Oprah Winfrey, only yours are afordable favorites
I totally follow you on the facebook addiction ;-)

roller coaster teacher said...

Jen - yes, Milkweed is on my to-read list. I have it on my classroom bookshelf. I teach an 8th grade Holocaust unit, which will be next year. I loop, so I have 7th grade this year, and will keep the same group next year when they're 8th grade.

Thanks, frumteacher! I'm so flattered ... the affordable Oprah!

Orchid in the Bronx said...

I bought that Brandi Carlisle CD-single, thinking it was a full album. So when I popped it in to the car CD player and it kept playing the song over and over, I figured it out (and got very familiar with the song). She's from Yakima, WA (my Seattle days made me take interest), and boy, that girl can SANG. Speaking of similes, you may want to read EAT, PRAY, LOVE - or listen on audio (E. Gilbert reads it herself, she's very good and entertaining). A lot of EG's tales and perspectives annoyed me, but she has one of the strongest gifts for vivid simile I've ever encountered, esp. among contemporary-style writers. Seriously, you'll love this for your commute.

Orchid in the Bronx said...

Oh, and I'm so glad you're writing about books. "Seedfolks" and "Art & Fear" are still on my list!

WendyB said...

Eek! A hairy spider! That IS scary. So is bad candy.