Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First snowfall

I didn't take any snow pics yet - just this fall foliage pic of pre-snowfall right outside our home. It snowed all day outside my classroom window, with occasional lightning and thunder. Little accumulation on the ground - mostly slush. Slow commute home on the highway.

Snow during the school day is an interesting creature. I'm glad to be warm and dry inside the building, but I worry about my commute home. Snow is a good blog topic, though. Stay tuned.

Day 6 word count - 2749.


Anonymous said...

Snow is very inspirational. I love it. Don't like the slush though, and don't like the way my students get all hypered up, passing snow balls under their desks.

At the same time, I love being around young people when it snows, because there is a strange kind of chemistry between youngsters and snow.

Can't wait to hear more about your novel! Can you tell us anything about it yet?

WendyB said...

Great leaf photo.

Orchid in the Bronx said...

As they say - The more you write, the more you write. This month will hopefully develop in you an "addiction" to daily (fiction) writing. Have you decided whether or not to let people read it at the end of the month? It's true, by the way - I think you sometimes have to write your way to the "aboutness" of what you're writing.

Jayme said...

Drive safe! And I love the picture