Saturday, November 3, 2007

nanowrimo update #1

Word count: 1853

Everyone's first question is: what are you writing about? I decided to not tell anyone. I'm not even telling them why I'm not telling them, but I'll tell you why - I'm not sure what I'm writing about. I'm writing, for sure. I'm enjoying writing, and I'm proud of that word count, behind as I am. I've been writing every day, and I'm no longer insisting that I'm writing 50,000 words by November 30, but I plan to keep writing. I don't know what the writing will turn out to be, what it's really about, so I just don't want to answer that question.

This is really fun. Writing is what I love to do, what I'm meant to do, what I've always wanted to do. So I'm doing it. I'm thankful to Tricia for giving me the NaNoWriMo info, to NaNoWriMo people for this brilliant challenge, and to anyone and anything that's ever inspired me to write.

Day 1 - I wrote at home, 45 minutes, after I got home from being a "guest speaker" at my friend's Differentiated Instruction college course and before I went to bed, instead of watching recorded "Grey's Anatomy".

Day 2 - I wrote in my classroom, with that "diarrhea of the mouth" class, during SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) time, for 20 minutes. I set up my MacBook on a desk right in front of them, said "no, I'm not telling you what it's about", and showed them (well, mainly the kid sitting right in front of me) the word count feature on Word.

Day 3 - I wrote in a coffee shop near home, sitting on a comfy armchair with the computer on my lap (had to place carrying case between my lap and the computer because, as Apple store Genius told me, it's NOT called a laptop because it gets too hot from the processor to be placed directly on a lap), sipping pumpkin spice latte and dipping chocolate covered biscotti, for an hour.


Tricia Grissom said...

Okay. So wishing I was you on Day 3. Vicarious living at its best.

Good on you for writing instead of watching Grey's Anatomy. I'm severely addicted.

roller coaster teacher said...

I just watched Thursday's GA episode - it was so-so. Lexie and Alex? (Alexie?) - puh-leez.

Frumteacher said...

You are really inspiring. I have wanted to participate in NANOWRIMO for years, but something (is it time? is it shame of putting my feelings to paper?) has been holding me back. Perhaps next year? I will keep following your progress.

I think it is really nice that you share this process with your students!

Orchid in the Bronx said...

Finding that joy, that delight, in writing, is really something. I'm glad to hear that NaNoWriMo has given you a good reason to Just Do It... maybe this is the start of something that you just won't be able to stop. That's the idea, right?