Tuesday, December 4, 2007

earned boredom

My lesson today was part test review, part introduction to essay assignment, part read-aloud. During the last 2 (out of 5) classes of the day, students were not responsive to my questions, partly because they had not read the novel and couldn't answer, and partly because they were too lazy to find the answers in their books/notes.

I did that teacher pausing thing - you wait, and wait, and wait them out. Then I said, students who just sit there and wait to be spoon-fed deserve to be bored. They earned the boredom. Next, I told them I was bored, waiting for them while they waited for me, so I was moving on to the next task. And I did.

Today was a better day for me than yesterday. So here's the sunset view from our house at about 4:45pm today.


jenamoured said...

those are some of the worst days. you feel like you could rip your shirt off in the middle of class, run around screaming like a maniac, and pee on your desk-- and even then nothing would happen but a student raising his hand to say, "Can I go to the bathroom?"

Natalie said...

Lovely photo!

Teacher -n- Training said...

Beautiful picture - it's still 70 degrees here.