Saturday, December 1, 2007

happy december

They're baaaaaaack..... (please see "institution rant #1" post for string light reference) in colors this time. You won't tell on me, right?

I attended a cookie exchange party today at the home of friend/teacher/colleague LK. I had declined LK's cookie party invitations for years because I just don't want that many cookies (12 dozen), much less make that many. Finally I explained my reason, and LK told me to just come party anyway. So I brought a snack to share and snapped some pics that I'll use to festiv-ize this blog in the coming posts.

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Orchid in the Bronx said...

Heya. Yay for the lights. The Super on our block offered us some if we want to hang them on the windows, but J. is a little bah humbug about it. Anyway, make sure you hang on to your NaNoWriMo stuff, it's the raw materials for something. And your post about kids making friends kinda broke my heart; I was a pretty lonely middle schooler myself.