Sunday, December 2, 2007


First, we've had a snowy weekend. Then, two views from the hospital where my father-in-law has been staying for three weeks, recovering.

I spent this afternoon creating a multiple choice test and an essay/writing workshop packet to wrap-up Hoot unit. I had a quiet afternoon to do school work because three family members went to visit at the hospital. My daughter watched a "Beethoven" movie on the Disney channel, then played with her BFF who lives next door. My husband's aunt came up from Florida to visit and help us out, and she made a scrumptious meatloaf dinner - it was the first time in the 4 months we've lived here that someone else cooked dinner for us in this house. (We've had plenty of take-out meals, and a friend delivered some casseroles.) I made Christmas cards before and after dinner. (Sorry about the fuzziness and glitter glare.)

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Tricia Grissom said...

Snow! I am so jealous. We had lots and lots of gray, cloudy, rain this Sunday.

I'm glad your father-in-law is recovering. I hope he'll be out in time for Christmas.