Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm home sick today. I really should have taken yesterday off, but that was day 2 of the ELA state assessment, which probably requires hospitalization to justify a sick day. I made the decision and arrangements yesterday early afternoon - typed up the lesson plan, adjusted for the substitute teacher, made copies, etc.

The title of this post - energy - is what I lacked yesterday that prompted me to call in sick. Just like good health in general, I don't even think about the energy I need to be the teacher I am until I don't have it.

As soon as I officially logged in my sick day request (online, aren't we fancy!), I felt at peace, simultaneously giving in and letting go. Physically, I was tired, congested, drippy, icky, all night long. But I didn't mind so much because a day off gave me time and space to sleep and recover. As I lay in bed, propped up by 2 pillows, quarantined in the bedroom, waiting for the antihistamine to kick in, Elizabeth Gilbert read to me her experiences in Italy from Eat, Pray, Love. (My favorite part so far is her rendition of the Italian soccer fan's cheers and curses during a game she attended in Rome - I don't have the book yet, but I doubt I would EVER be able to properly interpret the fan's sentiments on paper in either language.)

I started my morning slowly, with TV, tea, blogging, emails, Facebook. I contemplated for a while the pile of essays I brought home to grade, counted and realized there were only 11, so I graded them. Then I ventured outside to the public library.

Today, I feel much better. I'm still sniffly and s
neezy, but I am content. The first picture is a library copy of Eat, Pray, Love on audio CD, a library copy of Artist to Artist - 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children about Their Art (to benefit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art), tea, and tissue box. The Artist book is fantastic - each letter is accompanied by a foldout with illustrations, and just wait till you see what accompanies Robert Sabuda's letter. The picture below is what I also found in the library to enjoy on my day off.


Ms. H said...

As much as I hate getting ready for a sub, I LOVE taking the occasional sick day. There's something extra cool about hanging out in your pajamas all day. You feel like you're playing hookey. Only you're not gonna get in trouble. LOVE IT!

I also love the Oprah magazine. It rocks!

Teacher -n- Training said...

Sometimes you just need to stay in jammies all day. I'm a pajama junkie and have 2 drawers FULL. Husband instructed me when I brought my newest pair in that I had to weed out the older ones. It was like getting rid of my best friend. I just moved them around. I think I may be close to 3 drawers now.

Also, where do you get your cute, cute, cute blog layouts. I've looked but apparently not hard enough.

Feel better.

Frumteacher said...

Hope you feel better now! Here is another congested, sniffy blogger. All my students have been sick these past two weeks, and I'm afraid that it's my turn now. Only: I can't miss tomorrow, since it's my last day before midterms start and I still need to teach a bit of the material... :-(

ThursdayNext said...

Glad to hear that you took a sick day and had some down time to take care of yourself! This week was just an off week for everyone - so many people I know are sick! Here is to a better week this week with lots of energy! :)

Orchid in the Bronx said...

I did the E. Gilbert thing on audio as well, can't imagine it being as entertaining or compelling in the written version. The soccer game is indeed memorable, and I also love the scene with the pizza in Naples and the little girl on the scooter! Good to let yourself be sick once in a while, let your body sink and then rise again (altho it can be a weird, almost delusional experience sometimes, like literally passing into a nether world and rising again). There's an Eric Carle museum? Love his books. You'll have to give me the blogger tutorial sometime on how to change the format, yours always looks so fun.

ms-teacher said...

I hope you are doing better. As teachers, too often we put our needs behind everyone else, so don't worry about taking the day off so that you can get better.


roller coaster teacher said...

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