Wednesday, January 16, 2008

gotta have it

the MacBook Air, because ...

1. it weighs 3 lbs
2. so thin (under an inch at its thickest), it fits into a large department manila envelope (ok, that's what the promo ad showed)
3. multi-touch trackpad (kinda like the iPhone)
4. 13.3 inch backlit LED display
5. full size, backlit keyboard
6. I love mac.  I think non-mac users are crazy.

Only drawback for me - no optical drive, but the demo guy says you can insert a disk into a computer with optical drive, then the MacBook Air wirelessly connects to that computer and downloads/installs from the optical drive.  (Does that make sense?  It sort of makes sense to me Sorry if I explained it weird.) This just assumes you live wirelessly through and through - rent movies from iTunes, for example.

Sticker price: $1,799.

PS - I didn't mean to omit the VERY important eco-consciousness of this product.  (Plus, Green Base comments more coherently than I did on the lack of CD drive.)


Anonymous said...

They are SO marketing this to women... It's pretty!

roller coaster teacher said...

I was at the local Apple store today and sales woman said the MacBook Air will be in the store in 2 weeks! *deep breaths*

Ee said...

I want a MAC too!! I wonder when will they start selling the MacBook Air here in Japan.