Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love in two parts

Part 1 - Time and space

It's week 2 of the science fiction/fantasy unit, reading and studying A Wrinkle in Time.  Some students have zipped through reading the chapters on their own, but some are struggling with the text for various reasons - such as difficult vocabulary, unfamiliar genre (in book form, because goodness knows they all enjoy sci-fi media such as film and video games), lazy brain, slower pace than Harry Potter, etc.  So along the way, I am showing scenes from the Disney 2004 made-for-TV movie version just so they can visualize the setting, mood, fantasy elements, etc. despite the distressing (to me) differences between book and movie.

I'm incorporating some slogging (journaling), such as "Space travel - would you do it and why/why not?", "Time travel - when/where to and why?"  Our discussions about these topics have been fun and spirited, except for an unexpected, heartbreaking personal story today, shared by a student who wanted to use time travel to understand a painful family event.

Love as the pure antidote for evil is one of the themes in this classic novel.

Part 2 - Mac love on a windy day

My "wind snow day" off school yesterday was lovely and quiet, punctuated in late afternoon with hectic, last-minute Apple tech support - via 30 minute telephone call and then local retail store appointment - to replace my Airport Express base station and the optical drive of my MacBook.  Zero charge, thanks to kind Mac Genius and the extended warranty I bought for the MacBook in July 2006.


jenamoured said...

i never know what to say when those painful moments come to the surface in the classroom. generally, i won't address or respond in any way other than to say, "Thank you for trusting us and for sharing that."

roller coaster teacher said...

I just mumbled, thank you for sharing. I like what you say - "trusting us and sharing".

Sydney Speel said...

I LOVE A WRINKLE IN TIME! we read it in 5th grade and nobody else liked it.... but i got the next book after that haha

Orchid in the Bronx said...

That was smart. I worry about my little ibook - no warrantee, no nothin. I just replaced the battery, which was spensy. I'm surprised how long my ipod has lasted (knock on wood!).