Sunday, January 27, 2008

winter sunshine

I am craving it. Today, it obliged. While I snapped up evidence of this treat, geese flew over (are they just migrating south NOW?). (BTW - The last picture is sideways.)

Winter, winter - what can I say that's not cliche? Around 10 years ago I read Alice Hoffman's Here on Earth and finally understood this northern winter. It builds character. It makes us stronger, should we survive. And I am surviving.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I always wonder whether birds are leaving or arriving. The way they fly in a v keeps amazing me. Nice pics!

Ms. H said...

*sigh* I miss snow.

well, okay. Let me rephrase that.

I miss the IDEA of snow.

Not the actual reality of snow, that involves digging out the car, and the sidewalk, et cetera.

jenamoured said...

i can never survive northern winter. living in both boston and syracuse has at least acclimated me to the weather, but it always gets me down. i mean.. it sucks the life out of me. seasonal affective disorder? you bet!

Orchid in the Bronx said...

It's true - harsh weather, harsh physical conditions - they build character. Or, maybe more accurately, they strengthen our basic human-ness, which is so protected from our physical environment in modern life. Do you guys ever camp? I used to love backpacking be/c of that restoration of basic human-to-nature relationship.