Sunday, February 10, 2008


means "Girls Night Out", as I learned and explained to my Hannah-Montana-wannabe 6 year old girl at the HM 3D movie concert a week ago that included performance of this GNO song.

This was my GNO yesterday with friend Sandra. Dinner at Toro Tapas Bar was scrumptious as usual; note the yummy "chocolate sushi" that Sandra identified as truffle.

We scooted into Studio Arena Theatre in downtown Buffalo just minutes before the play "To Kill a Mockingbird" began. The stage set was lovely, especially the Spanish moss. (Sorry about poor pic quality. Blame camera phone.) The show was terrific, and I loved the children's performances! I'm always impressed by young stage actors - their poise, memory, and (according to Sandra who grew up in Mississippi) really good accents.

As the audience walked toward the exit after the show, one man announced in a resigned voice, "Now I have to read the book," to which I replied, "NAH."


Natalie said...

I saw that play!

jenamoured said...

i love to kill a mockingbird.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite books ever, I just finished teaching it to my ninth graders. How I wish we could catch a production of it before the year is over!

Ms. George said...

Sounds awesome! I love TKAM as well...and I'm glad you had a fantastic GNO.