Thursday, February 7, 2008

scoring, and happy new year

Tuesday and Wednesday I sat with 11 teachers in the basement conference room of our building to score the NYS ELA grade 7 assessment. Technically, I was trainer and table facilitator, not scorer, so these (in picture) were my working tools. Next Monday and Tuesday I will reprise these roles for the ELA grade 8 assessment.

Believe it or not, I enjoyed my time with colleagues in that conference room. We worked with diligence, but we also cracked jokes and laughed a lot. (OK, I also giggled a lot and felt super goofy.) The lack of sunshine in the past week had dampened my spirits, and laughing loosened the endorphins in a mighty way.

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year, everyone! Health and prosperity to you and your family...


Sarah said...

Happy Year of the Rat!

Ms. George said...

Yes, Happy New Year! We scored our tests last week. I was the Scoring Leader for the Listening/Writing. I'm glad it's over. What did you think about the editing?