Saturday, May 10, 2008

theatre of youth

We attended this musical with family friends last night - kiddie fun.  Our friend Sandra will be writing a review for a Buffalo publication (in print and online - will post link here when published). Georgia reported that she loved "every minute" of the show.  We adults?  Hm, I was moderately entertained.  Regardless, TOY is one of my favorite theaters in our area.  The best part of the evening was dinner before the show at a tiny takeout restaurant (where the six of us hogged two-thirds of the itsy-bitsy seating area) - amazing southern cooking, inexpensive - fried soft-shelled crab po' boy, gumbo, fried leeks, fried oysters and crawfish, mac 'n cheese, cole slaw - all soooooo good!

Back to the title topic - I usually take pictures of theatre sets before starts (and posted in this blog) because 1) I'm obsessed with sets and want to work on sets in future life, and 2) the announcer always says "no pictures or video during the show", which means to me that before and after are fair game opportunities.  During intermission, a table adorned with balloons (similar to the walls in pic above, which was taken before show started) was placed on stage, so I prepared to snap a shot, when theatre staff bolted towards me and waved a hand in front of my camera.  She said, "You can't take pictures of the set."  I said, "Oh, I thought you said no pictures during the show."  She said, "Well, 'Give a pig a party' is copyrighted" and walked away.

Hmph.  I'm no expert on copyright law, but I was annoyed.  If you don't want me to take set pics anytime, say "No pictures during the show allowed, and no pictures of the set allowed at any time."

The TOY director person told the audience that there were about 4800 balloons on set!  TOY has a Q&A session after each show (awesome feature!), and when asked, the director told us that 10 people worked 12-hour days for 3 days to inflate and put up all the balloons.  They had to calculate how much to inflate so as to allow expansion caused by stage light heat.  I absolutely LOVE that children (and adults) have the chance to learn about theatre, not "just" sit back and be entertained.  Typically, children ask about how actors prepare, costumes, and lighting.  Some of the actors come back on stage and very informally answer questions.

I brought my 8th graders to TOY last year to see The Giver.  I brought Georgia here 2 years ago to see Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business.  All great experiences!


Teacher -n- Training said...

Love this set! We went to see A Day with Frog and Toad in the fall at the university I attend, and the set was great! I wish I had taken a picture of it. We still walk around singing the cookies song. In the future, you'll need a lookout to take pictures!

Orchid in the Bronx said...

What a great dream-career idea. Remember Sean Gaffney? When we all lived in Seattle we got to be "theatre people" 'cause Sean would give us free tix to all the shows at his theater. Also, have you seen "Across the Universe"? That Julie Taymor... she's pretty genius.

Anonymous said...

That must have been amazing. How much time do you have left 'til summer vacation? I have a bit more than two weeks in high school, and another month in junior high. Can't wait!

Teacher -n- Training said...

I'm on break now, but go back in 2 weeks, the day after Memorial Day. I'm taking mini term classes for history and a science and lab so I'll be done at the end of June. I'm also taking a Saturday PE class and hope that I don't actually have to go every Saturday.

Michael said...

Hi there!

I'm the director of "Pig" at TOY, and I am so happy your little one enjoyed the show. I was sitting behind you when you were taking photos and it's kind of a "knee jerk" reaction when we see people taking pictures. Kristen, the house manager, who bolted to you (and she did! :) ) was correct in the copyright statement. The best rule is never to take photos at a live theatre performance. The theatre could get in trouble if one of the authors is there or a representative of the creative staff that wrote the show.

Ken, the set designer who dreamed up our balloon world, was the one who spoke at the talkback. He's so amazing at what he does.

Your intention to share the show with your blogging community is wonderful and I thank you so much for sharing this with your audience! I hope you come next season to see "Go Dog Go!" It is going to be a blast!

All the best-
Michael Walline

roller coaster teacher said...

Michael! How funny that you found this post/blog! Thanks for providing the info. Georgia is going to see "Pig" again on 5/28, this time with her class - she's very excited, ha! We look forward to next season, too.

Everyone, enjoy the beginning of summer!