Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last Thursday and Friday, after a week and a half of mini-lessons, hand-holding, questions and answers and the same questions and answers, my students put their noses to the grindstone and revised, rewrote, and edited their final portfolio assessment.  I read Eclipse Friday.  (OK, I read chapter 1 a few days prior, on the author web site.)  Done.

Today, I'm back in business, all work, no play.  I'm grading portfolios every chance I have until I finish grading.  Students are taking final exams, and they come to "class", aka glorified babysitting, in between exams.  They're playing Scrabble and Scategories and other word games in my "class" for a few more days.

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Sarah said...

Middle school and high school end-of-the-year activities are brutal (all that testing!). In elementary school, it's all about field trips and field day, and making picture albums and fun things like that :).