Tuesday, July 1, 2008

american history girls

We attended the year-end "tea party" of the American History Girls Club at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society last Saturday.  My daughter's doll is Ivy Ling, second from the left in top picture.  (Ivy is Chinese American friend of AG "historical character" Julie Albright who grew upin San Francisco in the 1970's.)  Girls were encouraged to dress up however they wanted for the tea party, and my kid chose to match her doll.  The pics above were taken on the portico of the historical society.  Inside the atrium, the girls had "tea" and snacks, then came outside for games and pony rides.

My daughter (age 7) loved the dolls and accessories first, then this past year she found Ivy and became interested in the historical characters and books.  She attended two American History Girl Club meetings and enjoyed the learning activities.  Two friends who also attended the tea party loved the books first, then the dolls.  Thank goodness there are many paths to learning!!! We plan to see "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" movie soon.


Sarah said...

Awww... I used to love tea parties!
Love your blog's new look :)

Eric Turner said...

I think an American Girls History Club is a great idea. I don't think this is a widespread thing though unfortunately. Just a very quick google check on it only brought up the Buffalo chapter.

I wish our local library did it. I think my daughter would enjoy it thoroughly.