Wednesday, July 30, 2008

cook, me?

Yes, it's true.  (Why is my cook status a joke?  Read this post.) My latest and greatest read is Fix-it and Forget-it Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker.  I bought the book and the slow cooker during my first year of teaching, upon recommendation of fellow new teacher who always brought slow-cooked meal leftovers as lunch.  I never used the book or the slow cooker until this week!  Now that I have time and motivation to prepare meals, i.e. plan and shop ahead, I'm enjoying the ease of cooking scrumptious meals.

The first food picture is Teriyaki Chicken with pineapple chunks, served over rice.  During the last hour of cooking, I added potatoes, and then I added broccoli during last 15 minutes.  (I panicked because I thought the sauce was too strong.  My chicken/sauce ratio was probably off.)

Below Teriyaki Chicken, mushroom soup!  I used leftover gravy from Monday's Scalloped Potatoes and Chicken dinner (sorry, no pic), added Thai Culinary Stock and mushrooms.  Lunch today was this soup accompanied by sandwiches.

Last, but not least, my daughter, who must be the most nutrition-informed 7 year old in Western New York after attending 2 classes on making healthy choices (one sponsored by our town youth bureau, the other by the public library) in the past 2 weeks, made Ants on a Log.  (I helped.)  Celery, peanut butter, raisins.  (I imagine substitutes abound - cream cheese or  yogurt or cottage cheese, etc. instead of peanut butter.)



Sarah said...

They have many templates to choose from at :)

roller coaster teacher said...

I just found out this blog has been BLOCKED by Blogger! What?!?! So I requested a "review" for whatever that's worth.

Tricia Grissom said...

Why the heck would they block you? Crazy.

I have this cookbook and I love it!

Simmer on.