Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Following the spirit (and notably not the rules) of NaNoWriMo, Blog365, and JulNoWriMo, I have begun PerJoWriMo - my personal journal writing month of July 2008.  Yes, each day this month, I will write in my personal journal, which is a lined journal notebook (the cover is black with tiny white polka dots, if you must know), using ink pen (Pilot retractable gel pens, fine point, various colors).  No word minimums, just write something.  So far, excellent!


Chet Of The Undead said...

Suddenly for some strange reason...I have a craving for Cookies and Creame ice cream or maybe even an Oreo Blizzard!

must be the black and white polka dot-ish thing you mentioned...hmMMMMmmmmm ;)

Serious writing is fabulous!

It's a pity more don't do it.

Tricia Grissom said...

I love your title, and I applaud your resolution.

Have a great writing summer.