Thursday, July 24, 2008

story corps

I was in my local public library this morning, when (isn't that a potentially good story starter?) I learned that Story Corps was coming here, Buffalo, NY!!!  Yes, call me a nerd, but participating in Story Corps has been one of my dreams!!!  If you've never listened to a Story Corps interview on public radio or elsewhere, you MUST do so asap.  Invariably, when I listen to one, I cry.  Even perfectly happy Story Corps interviews make me cry.

AND GUESS WHAT?!?!  I signed up a few minutes ago online and am scheduled to participate in a few weeks!!!  (Really, truly, if you've read this blog often, you know the liberal use of exclamation marks is unusual.)

Driving home from the library this morning, I thought about my potential interviewee and interview topic. Immediate answers that came to mind - I would interview my husband about his father who passed away in February.

Have I informed my husband about this plan yet?  No.  He is asleep, snoring, at the moment.  I'll wait a few more minutes, after I've shared the news with you.



Sue said...

Thank you for linking to that! It is a beautiful thing, I haven't heard it before. I only listened to one story and it had me crying. Congratulations on being a participant!

I need to listen to NPR more. I barely ever do, but it always has such great stuff...

roller coaster teacher said...

Sue - it's amazing - the power of storytelling among loved ones and then perfect strangers. Thank you! I did ask my husband, and he agreed! :)

I say the same thing about listening to NPR! Many of the programs are available on their web site, but I rarely make time.

Ms. George said...

One of my former lovelies used StoryCorps as a springboard for a creative writing piece: she developed a whole backstory for the person and his family.
I am so excited for you!

Sydney Speel said...

that is true.

not many exclamation marks.