Wednesday, July 16, 2008

summer reading update

Um, the pic is off-topic, but I like having a visual in each post.  (It's my kid at a "carnival", wrap-up event for last week's Vacation Bible School.)

I posted about a summer reading list in May, and throughout June I added to the list.  I talked to friends about my list and added their recommendations.  I think the list-making activity was therapeutic because I was planning a fun summer activity that I could start early!  Below is a quick summary:

Twilight - highly successful first item on this list.  Just this book and 2 sequels justified the making of this reading list.

Wicked - this was my 2nd read, to prepare me for seeing the musical, only accomplished about three-quarters of the book.

Pillars of the Earth - I have the library copy so that I could continue reading this book, but I never opened it, and it's due in the library tomorrow.

Teaching Outside the Box (LouAnne Johnson) - chosen by teacher blog friend Frumteacher for a teacher/blogger book club.  We've been using a web-based discussion forum, and I'm enjoying reading and discussing the book.  I'm on chapter 5.

"Battle of the Books" - various titles - I will write a more in-depth post on this later.  Our school librarian is coordinating this event for the very first time in our school next school year!  So I joined a little teacher committee to help out, and I have reading homework!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  I learned how to download free eBook reader software for my (old) iPhone!  This is very exciting.  Another blog friend Tricia Grissom wrote about eBook readers a while ago, and I have wanted so much to use the iPhone for that purpose but couldn't find a good solution ... until NOW!  Apple gave us old iPhone users a ("free") software update that included the ability to add a free eBook reader application called Stanza from  The available titles are *cough* ancient, but I found Jane Austen's Emma, which, with apologies to my English lit. friends, needs some jazziness to inspire me to read.  So yeah, I'm e-reading Emma.

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Sarah said...

First of all, your daughter looks way cute wearing that balloon hat :).

Secondly (in response to your comments on my blog), Edward should be way hotter - no offense to the actor, of course!

Lastly, I am one quarter Chinese and proud of it, even though you really can't tell by looking at me :). Grandma made sure I could hold my own with chopsticks, though. At least I have that!