Sunday, July 13, 2008

wicked the musical

Yes, yes, the musical was wonderful.  I embraced this realization during Act 2.  But during Act 1, I just fumed about how Gregory Maguire's Wicked book story was butchered and over-simplified.  (OK, I laughed my head off through "Popular".)  When I watched Act 2, I just let the musical story be itself and the music take over.  And now I write this post while listening to 3 songs purchased from iTunes - Popular, Defying Gravity, For Good.

Maguire's book is complex, overwhelming, philosophical, overwrought...  but I loved it all, maybe because somehow once upon a time (last summer) I found a way to read the entire text.

The musical tells the story of two unlikely best friends, mixing themes of human/civil rights, free speech, history as "truth" of the victor, popularity, etc.  So I understand that the deviations from Maguire's book story served the purposes of theatre and stage, while still exploring important themes from the book.  The set was gorgeous, but I didn't take any pics inside (yeah, I learned my legal lesson from a theatre director's comment to my post about his play).  We sat in the sixth row from the orchestra, center!!!  We were SO close - I studied (without squinting) the facial expressions of the actors, then worried about missing out on the "bigger picture" and other parts of the stage.

Bonus - our 9th wedding anniversary is July 17, so attending the show at Shea's and dinner afterwards was our anniversary "date"!


Sarah said...

How is Wicked the book? Is it worth the read?

Tricia Grissom said...

Ah. Glad I saw the musical before I read the book.

Then I can just enjoy the richer experience of the text instead of wanting to scream at how they eviscerated the book.

Shouldn't have read the Harry Potter's first. Or Twilight. Sigh.

roller coaster teacher said...

OH my Sarah - try it. You may like it, or not, but it's worth trying just to get the flavor of the story and Maguire's writing.

Tricia, you said it exactly. Ditto on HP and Twilight. What's up with the guy who plays Edward? He doesn't look good at all.

Yuriko said...

Glad you enjoyed the musical. I LOVE WICKED!!! I went all the way to Chicago around my birthday 2 years ago just to see Wicked.. then had some huge head sit in front of me. *mutter* But I still loved it.

Maybe one of these days, I'll be able to see it without any obstructions. The first time I was in the front row, but all the way on the side, so I had to lean over strangers JUST to see the back of the stage..

ms-teacher said...

I might be seeing Wicked in a couple of weeks, so it's nice to know what to expect.

Btw, you look mahvelous! And, Happy (belated) Anniversary!

WendyB said...

I'm distracted by your lovely purse!