Friday, August 8, 2008

breaking dawn analysis with SPOILERS

Overall, Breaking Dawn was a huge disappointment in many, many ways.  I'll give you the good news first, then the bad and ugly...

the Good
1) Jacob's narrative - part 2 of the book was told entirely from Jacob's point of view.  Not only did this narrative entertain me the reader and further develop his character, it was the perfect means for Meyer to deliver a story line that she knew many readers would find hard to digest.  At the end of part 1, when the unusual growth of the fetus was clear to the reader, I started gagging...  no wait, that's for the next part of this post.  So I appreciated learning the gory details of Bella's pregnancy through Jacob's horrified eyes.  And I laughed at each of the chapter titles that clearly reflected Jacob's personality and thoughts.

2) speed reading - a book that compels me to read 8 hours straight and stay up till 4am must possess some inherent value in my overall reading experience, regardless of my opinion of the content

3) maternal instinct - the point at which I was ready to put down the book and try to sleep at 2am even though I was not finished reading was maybe somewhere in part 3 where Bella picks up the narrative after her transformation.  In the dark, eyes closed, I could only think bizarre and horrific scenarios of trying to protect my child from wildly unlikely dangers in our everyday life. I will attribute some of this insomnia mania to my natural neurotic tendencies, but I will also share the blame with Bella's intense and protective maternal instincts since before her child was conceived.  So the evocation of that strong emotion belongs, for me, in the Good pile.

the Bad and Ugly
1) NOT young adult literature - students at our middle school seemed to share my interest in the Twilight series last year, so I have always assessed the "YA lit. value" of these books and stories.  I had doubts starting with Twilight about the value of young teens reading Bella's love and lust for Edward, and I always told my students that they need parental supervision and involvement in the reading of these books.  But the sexual content of Breaking Dawn truly pushes itself out of the realm of YA lit.  IMPO - in my professional opinion.  I still believe that reading choices are very individual and, for children and young adults, should involve parents and guardians.

2) Bella - I truly believed for a long time that there was some purpose to her clutziness, as in she was beyond human from the start, because I couldn't understand why else Meyer emphasized this flaw over and over and over...  I kept looking for clues in her parentage.  Then I added in Bella's mind resistance (to block out Edward, Aro, the twins, etc.), and hoped Meyer would deliver some explanation that covered both mysteries.  BD explained the latter but ignored the former.  So Bella's clutziness was just a plot device, not true characterization???  THEN, super clutzy human transformed into super controlled vampire?!

3) hybrid baby - Problem A was semantics because all I could think about was hybrid cars. Problem B was the logic of vampires having NO bodily fluids (except venom?) yet being able to reproduce.  Problem C was ICK, ICK, ICK, that fast growing baby!  Again, plot device to speed up the story?!  Problem D returned to semantics because Renesme is an awful name.

I'll wrap it up, because complainers are annoying, by affirming my enjoyment of the first three books and anticipation of the movie and Midnight Sun.  I'm reading The Host upon recommendation of friend Heather, and I'm enjoying it greatly!  Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Yay - I'm glad that we finally agree on a book or two (those being The Host and Breaking Dawn)! ;-)

Too much of teh creepy in BD for my taste, and I'm definitely going to steer my students away from it (at least without the consent of a parent/guardian -- mind you, I had one parent OK their kid to read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for an IR choice last year in *7th* grade!!).


cupcake said...

I haven't read BD yet. A friend, who knows that my loathing of Bella knows no bounds, gets quite aggravated when I say that the reason Edward can't read Bella's mind is because there is nothing to read. I felt so dirty reading the other three, as if by succumbing to the popularity of them I was condoning how - poorly? inadequately? cliche-ridden? cloyingly? - they were written. And yet, I read them. I am a hypocrite.

I HATED Host. Hated it. There were whole chunks that I skipped because I thought, "Oh, dear heavens, don't we think we're precious."

only a movie said...

I sort of skimmed this post because I only just started Twilight, which I am reading because my 12 year old son is totally immersed in this series. I did catch your comment on the non - YA qualities regarding pushing the envelope for sexual content, so I guess I will be reading on, lol. I always read books that were way over my head when I was that age, so I'm not surprised that he is too.

mimixist said...

well, twilight series does start fanstatically. I thought SM is gonna explain about bella's immunity to Jane's, Aro's and Edward's 'super power' and the reason Bella heard Edward's voice whenever she is in peril(New Moon). Seriously, twilight series does have a great beginning, but the story ends abruptly and....the ending, i suppose, suckssss indeed.

what I imagine to be the best endin for the story is
a)remember the last part of ECLIPSE? Jacob black was runnng away. I hope the story would b lk this: Jacob runs away to a lonesome and remoted place and live there. After sometimes living in peace in that place, he soon forgets how to transform himself in a werewolf lk before. It was only later when he senses that bella is in danger or gonna marry to Edward, Jake experiences an emotional outburst and in a blink of eyes, he transforms to b a werewolf.

b)bella is indeed a moron. I mean, even if she loves Edward, that doesnt mean she muz b a vampire in order to live with Edward. Instead, she could live a simple life and continue being a human, spending the rest of her life with 2 men(edward and Jake) as her epitome of stregth and support. Reasonably, being with Jake is much more NORMAL than being with Edward, agree? Besides, she even finds out that she loves Jake too, deep inside her heart. Well. Since she figures her own feeling for both men, why doesnt she pick the best option out of 2(to b a human or a vampire)?

sorta disappointed after reading Breaking Dawn...the story deteriotes too fast...there are loads of 'inadequateness' in BD.., renesmee's case, bella's pregnancy etc.

this story, doesnt really make sense at the beginning...and the ending, well, it sucks. Its like a mere fairy-tale or over-imagination of a teenage gal that often dream about their love life with the existence of superman or batman or hot guys lk david beckam, hugh jackman etc.
[well, im a teenage gal too =.=, aged 16 ....]

however, enjoy readin this series~