Sunday, August 31, 2008


I worked out some more details for the ELA Lab Carnival (this is for you, jenamoured!)...

The carnival will have 4 booths - each booth is a game and language arts review.  Students are divided into 4 groups and given about 5 minutes at each booth to play and review.  For example, at the coin toss booth, students will play the game and review the parts of speech during the 5 minute rotation, then move on to the next booth, and so on.  When all the groups have moved through all the booths, I will ask questions about parts of speech, literary elements, etc. and students who answer correctly win prizes (bookmarks, candy, etc.).

Each booth will have signs, directions, review information, etc.  I'm planning to run the carnival for 2 days/lessons - each day/lesson covers different language art topics and some new games. So I have more set up work to do on Tuesday.  Wednesday is Day 1 of the school year!

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only a movie said...

Good luck with your first day of school! Ours is on Thursday! :-D