Wednesday, August 13, 2008

crunch time

We checked out the zoo action today with friends and caught young tiger twins Thyme and Warner (born last winter, can't even tell they're "babies", guess who's the corporate sponsor) chasing each other.  (Sorry pics are so fuzzy.  I forgot the digital camera at home.  The iPhone 2 megapixel, no-zoom camera feature is lame-O.  If you click on top image, you may see enlarged pic of tigers in action.)  Middle pic shows a pair snowy white (except for black head/neck) swans!  Last pic - speaks for itself.  A - what else? - storm ended the outing, and we walked 15 minutes in the pouring rain back to the car, completely drenched and content.

Our schedule is packed to the gills from now until school starts, as we try to squeeze in every last picnic, movie, dinner, playdate, and so on.  Exhausting and a bit manic.

Tomorrow, library picnic to wrap-up Story Time summer reading program, then visit a teacher friend, her young son, and new baby boy.

Friday, I may just take a breather.  Chill out at home, catch up with the slow cooker, washer and dryer, the Olympics, magazines, and some books.

Saturday is my daughter's first soccer game, after which we rush to catch the gifting portion of a bridal shower, then on to the cottage for the rest of the weekend.  Should I even mention next week, when I attempt to meet up with 2 groups of teachers (to work and socialize), set up my classroom...?

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only a movie said...

Isn't it always the way to try to cram in as much fun as possible before school starts? I am taking the boy on a daycation tomorrow. Spent some time in my classroom this morning. I have So Much Work To Do. And it just stopped raining here. :-)