Monday, August 11, 2008


About 2 years ago, I started asking my mom about the possibility of our attending the Beijing 2008 Olympics as a family.  After all, we are due for a family visit to China to see relatives, including my father, aunts, uncles, and cousins on that side of the family, all of whom live in Hubei province.  Mom said, "Sure!"  Well, I was really hoping she would say, "Sure, and I'll make the arrangements!"  So in our typical wishful thinking way, no one did anything about it, and here we are watching the festivities at home, just like most of you.

Friday morning, I thanked our proximity to Canada and those terrific folks at CBC and watched the opening ceremony LIVE.  Ha!  (I had to leave the house around 11:30 to pay the Time Warner cable bill, and I watched the last few torch relays and the final torch lighting in the cable store on the large flat screen HD TV!  Ha, again!)

My 7 year old daughter watched the first hour "show" part of the ceremony with me, and we had some good conversations about our Chinese heritage and history, i.e. inventions, art, music, etc. (This web site has many amazing photos of the ceremony.)  I admit that the National Stadium aka Bird's Nest is growing on me, but I still can't stand the National Aquatics Center aka Bubble Building.

My warm and fuzzy feelings were short-lived.  The next day, I was shocked by the horrific news of 2 Americans attacked by a Chinese man at a popular tourist location.  News of war between Georgia and Russia are disturbing, even as I confess ignorance about what's really happening there.  What's left to do in our little corner of the world but wish and hope and pray for peace?


Orchid in the Bronx said...

Hey there, looks like you guys are having a good summer. Been busy, a little stressed (hence MIA in the blogosphere). I hear you about "where's the good news?" It all weighs on us somehow--the big picture and the daily stuff. At least we won the swimming relay, it was fun to see MP's on-camera joy. Cool that you did StoryCorp!

ms-teacher said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have surprise for you on my blog today.

ms-teacher said...

Hi RCT, I got your message in my blog. If you click on "add a widget" in your layout page, there is one to add a picture. Just save the picture to your hard drive and then do the widget to add a picture. I hope this makes sense :)

Sue said...

I missed the entire opening ceremony, which is probably the part I most look forward to. I've been catching sporadic events, but I'm not a big sports person. But it seems that these kind of events are an important way for countries to come together. Random acts of violence happen everywhere - not much you can do about it. But Random acts of kindness happen everywhere too, on a way larger scale. People need to get to know each other.

I'd be even happier if all of the countries came together on non-competitive events. That's probably just crazy, though.