Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer reading update #2

I gave up reading books in July.  Sort of like Lent, except not, because I was lazy.

August brought me back, a lot, starting with Breaking Dawn (fans or foes must check out Occupation: Girl blog's biting analysis, book by book, chapter by chapter of BD), and followed by The Host (very much enjoyed, regardless of youknowwhat ending).  Amber from book club picked The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time, and I started reading it in the bookstore Tuesday, VERY engaging.

Battle of the Books reading homework begs for attention.  So far, I've read Al Capone Does My Shirts (fantastic historical fiction set in Depression-era Alcatraz) and most of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie (realistic fiction about 8th grade boy coping with family illness, hopeless girl crush, passion for music/drums, and general middle school drama from a boy's POV).

The photo shows my daughter's stone creation on the beach about 10 days ago.  I read ... fortress.


only a movie said...

I am still in book two of this, but it's going pretty fast. I will be starting Eclipse within a day or two. Curious Incident is great, isn't it? I had a student a lot like that guy.
Like your new blog look!

Sarah said...

I really loved "The Curious Incident of the Dog at nighttime"! And I am number 17 in line to get a copy of Breaking Dawn at my local library because I am too cheap to buy it. I can hardly stand the wait!!

Anonymous said...

heh - i love cleolinda's thoughts on the entire twilight saga. she is a riot (she's also a member over at jf's fan_wank, which is a site of fan-mockery par excellence on fandoms of all kinds, have you seen it?)! and i'm glad that you like the host (save the ending - again, what's with smeyer and the whole underage sex-thing? i'm really wondering what *her* backstory really is now...)