Tuesday, August 26, 2008

summer vacation is not too long

I clearly recall making the contrary statement last year in this post.  So I was curious to see if I would feel the same this sumer, and the answer is really... no.  Perhaps my family circumstances are more challenging and keep me plenty busy and plenty stimulated, contrary to my sentiments in late July 2007.  I don't know the exact reason for this change of heart, but I sure LOVE these 2 months.

I think I'm stressed.  The main clue is (warning - potentially TMI - too much info - revealed in this paragraph) that I've been breaking out in serious hives the third night in a row.  It only starts from about 8pm and lasts into the early morning hours.  (Yes, note the time of this post.)  I take a Benadryl or 2, then go to sleep, and the hives are mostly gone in the morning.  I've racked my brains, thinking of potential allergens - a new shampoo or detergent or whatever? - and coming up only with the impending start of the school year.  The truth is - I'm not ready for school.  I haven't written actual lesson plans, just general lesson topics for the first 10 weeks.  I'm not finished preparing for my hopefully-spectacular Back-to-school Carnival (warning - simplification of original plans may be in order).  7 days left till the first day of school.

In case this post degenerates into another teacher back-to-school whine-fest, I happily inform you that I'm groovin' to the soundtrack of the most fabulous summer movie on the planet Earth - Mamma Mia!!  (Second exclamation point is mine.)  I just saw the movie with two friends, and we laughed so hard that I doubted if I could drive home safely.  But I did.


only a movie said...

good luck with those hives - sounds like stress to me.

I have a new classroom this year and I know that no matter how much time I spend preparing for next Thursday - it won't be enough.

Feeling your pain!

WendyB said...

Poor you. Hives are terrible. I have been plagued by them occasionally myself. Stress can definitely make it worse.