Wednesday, September 10, 2008

short-lived euphoria

The job itself is still the best ever, but right now dread sits in the pit of my stomach, and its name is high-stakes testing scores.  That's all I have to share about it for now.  In place of information, I offer this morning fog pic taken today on my way to work and also the following classroom conversation yesterday:

Student A - So, we pay money to go to school, and we have to work.

Me - First of all, you don't pay money.  Your parents pay taxes.

A - Yeah, we pay taxes.

Me - And get used to work.  Everyone works, or they do nothing and have nothing.

Student B - You can get scholarships!

Me - You have to work to get scholarships.

B - This one guy just had one fall from the sky!

Me - Oh.  You mean you want to get lucky.  You can sit around and do nothing and wait to get lucky.  Most people who do nothing and wait for lucky just get nothing.  And you think I should work for free, teach you for free, and not pay my bills or take care of my family.

And that was the end of that class.


Sue said...

There is a lot of learning going on there!

only a movie said...

Oh yeah, I've had that conversation in my classroom. One kid had the idea to be a "pool shark" for a living - figured he could hustle enough to pay bills.

And the honeymoon is over in my current classroom, but I still love my job. ;-) Happy End of the Week!

Sydney Speel said...

sounds like a party!

Margo Dill said...

Hi! I love your blog--it was recommended to me by Tricia Grissom from coffee and critique blogspot. I looked around for an email address for you but didn't see one. I used to be a teacher in Missouri, and I still sub. I also started a blog for teachers called READ THESE BOOKS and USE THEM--and I am hoping to spread the word to teachers about activities to use with different books. It's at I hope you and your readers could use some of the activities with your students. Thanks! Margo Dill

Ms. George said...

I hope that you have a restful weekend not worrying about the school situation. You will get a handle on whatever it is and you'll be great...I have faith!
Take care.

Sarah said...

Sorry the other shoe has dropped! There's just something about testing that sucks the joy out of all of us... I'm glad you can still say that you love your job though :)

Ms. H said...

mmmmmmmmboy....I do so love a good rant!!

Anonymous said...

Great, that teaches them!

In my class, I had students refuse to pay for their textbooks because "school makes enough money from us already". And most of these students are from wealthy families, don't have to clean their own rooms because their cleaning lady runs the home.