Monday, October 13, 2008


This is Blackman Homestead Farm in Cambria, NY.  My friend Julie's parents own and operate the farm, which has apple orchards, turkeys, pheasants, pies, apple butter, cider, etc. , with the very hands-on help of Julie and her siblings.  We have been visiting annually since my daughter was a baby, even before I met Julie through a mutual friend.  We were there today and had fun picking crispin apples from the trees and selecting pumpkins.

We saw Julie as soon as we arrived at the farm today, right before she went to do something that relates to grape pie fillings (that she tried to explain and I couldn't grasp much).  The weather was warm and mild, and I began to think of family farm life in a romantic way, as in "Oh to work the land with loved ones, instead of in a packed institutional building with hormonal teenagers and harried colleagues".  I wondered what Julie would say if I ran to her and begged for a farm job.  So the downside of this otherwise perfectly lovely holiday weekend is too much time to think too much.

PS - Today's family farm visit is the opposite of our Great Pumpkin Farm visit yesterday.  The Great Pumpkin Farm is perfect for the urban and suburban folks to check out "the country" and spend a lot of money for rides and food and time in traffic.  Blackman Homestead Farm is a working farm that sells what it makes.


only a movie said...

A farm does sometimes seem like a nice place to work, doesn't it? :-)
Glad you had a nice long weekend.

roller coaster teacher said...

I know in reality I'm ignorant and have case of "grass is greener on the farm" - but it's fun to think about!

Sydney Speel said...

this looks like so much fun!

i would LOVE to go apple picking once in my life...

and the colours in your outfit are so cute!