Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm it

I'm still in a blog funk, as in I have too much to tell and no umph in me to do it.  Here's another slice of our Thanksgiving NYC trip, me in front of the Museum of Natural History on Central Park West after the Macy's parade, during our walk back up to 86th Street to take cross-town bus back to our friend's upper east side apartment.  I call Manhattan "Fantasy Island" now because our time there was just that, pure fantasy, from the massive parade balloons to fancy shopping and eating.  I think I have post-fantasy depression.  Like, this here is my real life?

I do thank frumteacher and untenured for shaking me loose enough to honor my "tag" duties -   So here are my random 7 facts ...

1. I'm a fair weather sports fan.  Right now, I'm hot for the University at Buffalo Bulls football team that won the MAC (Mid-American Conference) Championship, and I'm going to see them play the International Bowl against UCONN in Toronto on January 3.  (Is that more than one random fact?)  GO BULLS!

2. I'm very allergic to drinking alcohol.  As in, I break out in hives all over my upper body and face, and after a few days, the hives recede and the skin on my hands and feet peel off.  I didn't learn this about myself until law school, because prior to consorting with lawyer types, I only had sips here and there of beer or wine coolers, and I didn't connect the alcohol to the prickly itchiness on my back the next few days.  Lawyer types aren't shy about alcohol as a general statement of reality, so a bit of liquor was quite the wake-up call for me.

3. All of my clothes and shoes and bags fit into a walk-in closet, about 7 feet by 6 feet.  We sold our house a year ago and downsized a LOT to fit our 3 persons and belongings into 2 bedrooms inside my in-laws' home.

4. I think one of the best decisions I ever made was to be an English major at Barnard College, even if I had to convince my parents and myself that the English major would be "useful" for law school.  I learned it's okay to use lame reasons (law school) to justify doing something terrific (English major).

5. My mom announced during our NYC Thanksgiving visit that she's going to retire from her job next year and move to Taiwan to live with my dad.

6. I knew mom's retirement and move to China or Taiwan was imminent, but I was caught by surprise regardless, and it prompted me to think about going to Taiwan with my husband and daughter next summer as our 10 year wedding anniversary vacation.

7. I'm a snob.  But I'm super nice and friendly and smiley, so very few people know this fact.

I know I'm supposed to tag others, but...  I'm really lazy...  So any of you reading this blog, please feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to share random facts about yourself!


Anonymous said...

Great list! I especially liked how you went to law school as an excuse to study English... I am sure that was an excuse your parents could live with ;-) Also, I really know what you mean with fantasy island. It's sometimes hard to get back to reality. But fortunately winter break is coming up so another fantasy island is waiting for you! Enjoy the season!

only a movie said...

That's a cool list. What do your parents think of you teaching instead of lawyer-ing?

roller coaster teacher said...

Ha, since they watched me stumble around in the work force after law school, eventually finding teaching, I think they're thankful I have a "real" job.

Sarah said...

Ha! Never knew about the law path! And an anniversary and visiting parents are GREAT excuses for a trip to Taiwan ;)

jenamoured said...

ugh, not a snob!

i still want to be you.