Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tale of life, light, love

Please read Kate DiCamillo's Tale of Despereaux!  It's the most incredible story about life, love, light, and storytelling itself.  What's amazing is how deep the story hits my personal life, how the metaphor of an unlikely hero (engaged in a hopeless quest and does not quit) fits, and how the story reaches any age and stage of life.  Mixed in the story (and thus the metaphor) are darkness, pain, and the complexities within our hearts.


only a movie said...

I'm looking for a book like this to have on deck. I just cleaned out my son's bookcase (he's 13), and took a big box to my classroom, and this book was in it. I'll read it over vacation... :-)

Sarah said...

I loved this book! They are now making it into a movie... I wonder if it will be as good as the book?

roller coaster teacher said...

Yeah - watching the movie trailer reminded me to read it.