Saturday, December 27, 2008

thinking about a new year

I took this sunrise pic on my camera phone while driving to work on the New York State Thruway (don't ask how fast I was driving) one morning about a month ago.  The clouds above, snow on ground, sun pushing through the cold air... just breathtaking.  (The clouds had the most bizarre cottage cheese quality.)

Change is exciting to me.  I love the idea of a new year - so many possibilities!  A year ago I greeted 2008 by blogging and watching the Times Square ball drop on TV with no sound while my family slept and snored.  (This year I'm more likely to greet the new year on Facebook, sorry.)

Right now, I'm enjoying my winter break.  Today was Day 4 of 12.  Being at home is challenging (living with someone who has Alzheimer's), but Santa brought us the Wii, which is a stellar consolation.  And yes I've done more than my fair share of stimulating the economy :p

So back to my original point about a new year ... I'm not ready to make resolutions, but I'm thinking about it...


Sue said...

Beautiful picture!

Happy New Year!

only a movie said...

Lovely photo. I like this post. I'm thinking about the new year too. :-)

Sarah said...

I am definitely not ready to think about the new year, yet! But yay for the Wii!!

Angela said...

Just goes to show you that a ho-hum New Years Eve won't result in an eventless year. Whew. I think we're all ready for 2008 to go away!

Happy a wonderful new year!