Saturday, January 17, 2009

I hit the wall

In the middle of the day, in the middle of last week, I hit the wall of state exam prep and could not make myself or anyone else do any more prep work.  So we played Scrabble!  The one main deviation from normal Scrabble rules is that I encourage any and all dictionary use with NO penalty whatsoever.

The exams are next Wednesday through Friday.  In class, we'll be playing more Scrabble and Mad Libs.


Anonymous said...

What a GRRRRREAT idea!!! They're learning without REALIZING that they're learning!!


only a movie said...

I think that's great - I used to have a critical thinking block and we played upwords, scrabble, sudoku, even some card games.

Good luck with the testing!!

Leah Gillette-Fox said...

What fun! I wish my ELA teacher would have done that. What a great vocab builder too!

Saii said...



MAY use it ?


roller coaster teacher said...

Saii - YES of course :D