Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

For the past week, I've been wishing that I was attending the inauguration in person.  (And yet ... every teacher I know is bound by an employment contract that prohibits taking personal days before or after a holiday or vacation... so were there any teachers in attendance?!)

Last week, our school district office warned us against online viewing of live coverage using school computers due to concern about network overload etc.  There were 2 cable TV set-ups in my building today, and I scurried in and out of the library during planning periods in the morning to watch live coverage.  At noon, I scooted into the library (now full of students and teachers) with my lunch just in time to watch the President take the oath of office, and I realized I was in perfectly good company.

(Above - a celebratory Starbucks decaf skinny vanilla latte)


Saii said...

It was quite a celebration!
I watched on tv


is it only my perception or is this the biggest presidential celebration ever?

roller coaster teacher said...

That's my perception, too! I know I never paid this much attention before.

Jennifer said...

many teachers from my school were there; i think our school district was a little lenient on the personal days/holidays policy for this event.

especially exciting was that several of our students were there! the governor gave our school tickets and ten of our students (plus one teacher and then principal) were allowed to go. very exciting.

we altered our whole day so the school as a whole could watch the event. it was one of those rare times when everyone was truly focused on the same goal.

ps-- i'm blogging again. check my profile.

Sarah said...

My school had the same issues. Enough teachers complained to the administration, that each teacher plus their class filed into the auditorium where they hooked up the live feed onto a projector screen. So we all got to watch the inauguration speech live!