Saturday, January 10, 2009

January is

... a sweet award from Tricia Grissom :D

... unexpected fun, like spotting this dog in the car next to us, on our drive to the mall last week.

... juggling 10 different classes of students, each of whom I see every other day, from 3 grade levels and all different teams on the planet, I mean, the school, to prepare for the state assessment.

... unexpected snow day on Thursday, prompting us to ask, "So exactly how many do we have?" (built into the school calendar).  According to (self-proclaimed) knowledgeable fellow teacher, 5.  And we've used 3.

... weather forecast for next Wednesday, zero degrees.  Fahrenheit.


only a movie said...

I think we've had 2 snow days. I would like a couple more, please. (It does get annoying when we have a lot of 'em and stay in school til the end of June...)
Happy January. :-D

Leah Gillette-Fox said...

Uh oh! Don't you still have school even when the weather is cold and just "cancel" recess? Hope you make it through the semester without many more.

Sydney said...

congrats on the award!

i would LOVE a snow day!

roller coaster teacher said...

Correction - there are only 4 snow days in our current teacher contract, after which we start to lose vacation days, starting with our little February break.

Leah - schools can decide to close if it's sooooo cold especially with wind chill during morning bus hours, those kids waiting outside... rarely happens. My first or 2nd year of teaching, we had a "cold day" when it was about 15 degrees below zero wind chill during morning bus time.

Thanks, Sydney and only a movie :)