Monday, January 19, 2009

living outside the box

This is the varsity hockey team from my school district (where I work) hosting the team from the town where I live.  We wanted something fun to do outside the house today, so this morning we drove 30 miles to watch the game.  The hockey itself is entertaining enough (yeah, we're hockey crazy), but watching former students play hockey was super entertaining!  (I taught 7 out of 19 players on the roster - wow!)

This "blast from the past" mixed in with today's MLK holiday and pre-inauguration thoughts was a strange combination, but there was meaning in it for me.  Teaching expands my comfort zones and opens my eyes, ears, mind, and heart to people so very different from me.  I'm honored to be part of this profession, and I'm honored to be an American like Dr. King and our new president.

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Ms. George said...

I attend and occasionally work the hockey games for my district. I have about the same amt. of players who have been through my room on the ice this year. Half if you count the modified/JV team.
Lax is the biggest sport for us and about half that team I know, with the same numbers from the football team. The students and their parents really appreciate the fact that teachers show up to their games. I just like seeing my lovelies all 'grown up'.
Happy ELA, one day down, three to go for you!