Monday, January 12, 2009

oh the pressure!

It's positive pressure, really!  I added the live traffic feed widget recently (see lower left, under book covers), and I'm addicted to checking it, a fact documented by the widget, haha.  Now that I know people from ALL OVER the world are checking in here, I'm compelled to post something.  So I share with you the above light-hearted perspective of winter as fun play.  Personally, I don't possess this perspective at this time.  I have the opposite feeling, but they are more fun to watch.

A few weeks ago, they were taking out the bike with attachment for one last ride before moving it from garage to basement.

I can't believe people from ALL corners of the planet are reading this blog :D  It's sooooo cool!!!!!!!


only a movie said...

Yeah, I couldn't handle having that widget notifying me who was lurking about... now would be a good time for you to call out some lurkers.

Saii said...

yeah, I fee the same excitement!

I read yours and I'm from Guatemala, you read mine and you're from the States


keep posting
cause the world is watching!

have a great week!

roller coaster teacher said...

Thanks! I don't mind lurkers a bit ;) I'm just happy to be read, even for a split second.