Friday, January 2, 2009

rainforest education

Our local Buffalo Zoo opened the new rainforest exhibit last fall, and we finally paid a visit today.  Even though the outside scene was snowy, the inside was tropical!  I loved the waterfall and was obsessed with trying to take pictures of red/pink birds way up high.  One type is the scarlet ibis that was red-orange color, and the other was the roseate spoonbill that was pale pink.

Then the smaller enclosed areas showcased some cool creatures, such as the carnivore tank with piranhas and anacondas, and the sanguivore cave of vampire bats.  (If you click on any pic, it should enlarge, and in the blue/cave pic, you may be able to see the cluster of bats hanging in upper left corner.)

Also noteworthy: the bizarre-looking giant anteater (insectivore, 7 feet long) and capybara (herbivore, largest rodent in the world, like the ROUS in "Princess Bride" movie - Rodents of Unusual Size).  (I would post more pics but having trouble uploading.)

Seriously, I am not full of science knowledge.  I learned all this today at the zoo and online just now, "researching" for this blog post.  I think I learned more than I ever thought I wanted to know, but that's the magic of learning!!!


only a movie said...

Love the waterfall! Looks so fun, and also love the Princess Bride reference (one of my favorite movies).

roller coaster teacher said...

I have to try to load pics again, b/c the capybaras didn't even look like rodents. I thought they were, I dunno, related to kangaroos? until I did the research! I didn't know there were real life ROUS's!!!