Saturday, February 21, 2009

mid-winter recess

After the plane crash in my town over a week ago, I was on an emotional roller coaster for a few days.  But by Sunday, the bright sunshine felt so promising!  The others pics show a fancy restaurant where I met friends for dinner and the ice cream eating contest (note Perry's Ice Cream mascot) at our local mall (in which we did NOT participate, thanks for asking).

My main stay-cation activity NOT depicted above is organizing my closet of clothes, shoes, and bags.  I intended to take pics of the consignment shop where some of my stuff now reside and the Goodwill donation truck where some other stuff of mine went on permanent vacation... but there was a snowstorm yesterday when I planned to take pics.  The snow was sooooo demoralizing... Anyway, I learned a lot about my Stuff and its resell value (for example, shoes and bags bring in more $$$ than clothes).

Many of you will read this and think, "THAT's a vacation?  Work would've been more interesting." But it was a restful week, and I'm thankful!

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only a movie said...

Well, you needed some down time (after all that - I would be an emotional roller coaster for longer than that...) Doesn't much matter what you did, but it looks like you were productive and relaxed.

Cool photos! I remember all the deer back when I lived in that neck of the woods (Scottsville, south of Rochester).