Sunday, April 26, 2009

lightning read

Friday was the consummate Awesome Day for the English Teacher.  Students started writing their memoirs on notebook computers, and after the prerequisite review of basic word processing rules ("I know some of you are very familiar with keyboarding due to extensive IM'ing and/or texting, but word processing is not the same") and completed graphic organizer notes ("this organizer is not how you tell a story, it's just a reference when you run out of things to write, so you can check whether you included enough descriptive details"), they worked on the computers in a focused manner, either absorbed by font style decisions or actual writing.

During this Golden Silence, I read in a feverish manner The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Of course, I told students what I was reading and why I was so absorbed in the excellent story, clever incorporation of Greek mythology, and gratifying character development.  A few students responded with "Oh I read that book", but most barely looked at me and resumed to their laser-like focus on the computers.  I also told them that I may be "lost" in my reading so they should make some polite noise to attract my attention if their raised hands failed to bring me back.  And don't you know occasionally I'd glance up and see a lone student with his/her hand raised, silently staring at me.

Hall passing time provided opportunities to share my responses ("I think I know who's going to betray him!") to whatever I was reading with the random passerby.  Fortunately for me, the student whose locker is next to my classroom and the teacher across the hall both loved the book and indulged my utterances with misleading commentaries ("Oh too bad his friends died").

It was an excellent Friday.


Ms. H said...

That's the most awesome-est teacher day ever!!

Sarah said...

Yay for the great days!!