Monday, April 20, 2009

top thrills in NYC

I started a self-imposed 10pm internet curfew... so very quickly, here are my top 2 NYC thrills during our trip over Easter break.

#1 - Passing by the new CitiField on the 7 train as we traveled from Flushing, Queens into and later out of Manhattan on the day of Mets home opener in the new stadium.

#2 - During a guided tour of Ellis Island, excellent tour guide Dennis demonstrated 10% (representing how many immigrant hopefuls at Ellis Island were labeled "sick") by choosing some people in the crowd, including my daughter who was sitting on my husband's shoulders. Dennis just pointed out specific individuals and told them to raise their hands.  See my girl raising her hand?  Later Dennis hinted that his 10% criteria was wearing sunglasses on top of the head, ha!

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Leah Gillette-Fox said...

How is your self imposed curfew treating you? What a beautiful stadium. I had no idea the Mets also built a new one... I guess, Build it and they will come works!