Thursday, May 28, 2009

spelling bee!

Go Spellers!  (Tune in tonight, 8:00 Eastern Time, ABC)  I now realize why some of these champion spellers behave oddly..... THEY ARE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!  Yes, it only took me 6 years of teaching middle school students to make the connection :p

As I continue to watch this, I can't help point out details to support the claim above:

* Put several 13 year old in the same room, some look like "teenagers", and some clearly have not hit puberty
* Social skills are ... QUIRKY at best, WEIRD is the most neutral and common term that comes to my mind, and use your imagination for all the terrible words 13 year olds use to describe each other
* Despite the range of social skills I've seen displayed, the spellers have highly developed verbal skills. DUH, I know!  But I have to state the obvious because I teach students on the other end of the spectrum.
* When you realize the tricky developmental hurdles over which they are navigating and consider all the 13 year olds you've ever known including yourself, don't you just want to give them high 5's and wish them the very very very best?!?!?!?!

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