Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 1

Yesterday I decided to move the Book Swap selection to my classroom and not use the small gym, considering the "modest" (i.e. small) volume of books and swappers.  This is part of the set up in my room - it worked really well today, day 1 of selection!  My students took their "jobs" very seriously, and when "business" was slow, we did Mad Libs for fun.  Tomorrow is the second and last day of Book Swap.  YAY!

My friend (who's also our school library media specialist) shared this link to an article "How Reader Girl Got Her Groove Back - one woman's heroic quest to overcome the classics" by Shannon Hale who published several popular young adult novels.  It expresses my sentiments exactly, and it also supports Book Whisperer extraordinaire Donalyn Miller's disdain for classroom novel units - I hate "required" classroom reading that kills reading joy.  When browsing Hale's web site, I found some neat articles she wrote for young writers on the writing process and also publishing.

Also, on a personal note, it's day 1 of my 8 year old daughter wearing glasses!  She chose these funky plastic magenta frames and loves them!  I have some angst as I think I gave her poor vision genes and remember hating my first pair at age 13.... but I'm not telling her (yet).  I just don't want her to be like many middle school girls who pretend to not have or need glasses but clearly do.


Leah Gillette-Fox said...

David told us today that Georgia allowed him to share with us today that she was getting glasses! Too cute! Can't wait to see some photos of her with them

Sarah said...

What a fantastic idea!! I would really have been excited about this idea when I was in high school :)

only a movie said...

Love the book swap idea.

My 13 year old son only takes his glasses off to shower. He sleeps in them!!

Happy almost school vacaction...